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24hr Flatbed Towing in Carson

Looking For Car Towing Solutions in Carson?

Super Towing is here for you with a wide variety of different roadside services, including towing, auto locksmith and roadside assistance.

Super Towing is a veteran towing solutions company in Carson, that boasts a team of very professional, trustworthy tow truck operators. With our range of experience and fleet we can help you out of any emergency situation.

Our teams work 24/7, guaranteeing around the clock availability. As a towing company we take the urgency of your calls very seriously and therefore always immediately dispatch a team after every call. We always do our utmost to reach each customer as quickly as possible, in a safe manner.

Super Towing offers its range of roadside services at very fair prices. We always provide a price estimate in order to make sure that our customers are informed of how much our service will cost them in advance.

Our Services

Super Towing provides services for all types of vehicles, including motorcycles. We also provide roadside assistance for smaller roadside problems, such as jumpstarts, flat tires and remote gas delivery, as well as car lockout services.

We have a fleet of tow trucks for different types of towing including:

wrecker service, long and short distance towing, flatbed towing and more.

Our Towing Operators

Our team of professional tow truck operators have all been trained and have plenty of towing experience. Their main priority is to ensure that our customers are always 100% satisfied with their work, and they work hard, around the clock, to make sure that everything always goes smoothly.

Flatbed Towing

So, what exactly is flatbed towing?

Flatbed towing is just as it sounds, towing on a tow truck that has a flat trailer. Flatbed towing is actually one of the safest types of towing of cars from one point to another. These are the most common types of tow truck that you will see out and about on the streets.

One advantage of using flatbed tow truck is that it can carry a number of cars at the same time, so car owners can add their car to others which are being towed to the same destination, making the tow less expensive for the car owner.

It is also very easy to load a flatbed tow truck, which is vey good for your vehicle. The car is right on the flatbed and not towed on the road which prevents wear and tear to the car during the tow.

Super Towing’s tow trucks are all top of the range and all very well maintained and fully equipped with the latest equipment, to ensure that we are always ready to assist our customers.

We’d Love to Help You

If you have any further questions about any of our services, or would like to hear more about the services we provide in Carson, please don’t hesitate to give us a call. We are always happy to help. Please speak to us about setting up long distance towing.