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Emergency Towing a Certified Service from Super Towing in Carson

Arriving to an abrupt stop from our daily driving routine can be troublesome. Getting caught in a road accident is even more unpleasant and can create an unfortunate chain of events. The most important thing is getting through an unpleasant ordeal such as that while maintaining your composure. Yet how can we keep our cool when so many things seem to call for our immediate attention?
Here at Super Towing we got Carson motorists’ backs. We know that a good emergency towing service must include a level of high performance and aptitude. Such a service will safely get your vehicle to a garage for repair, while arranging every aspect of the towing procedure, keeping you completely and continuously informed and in the loop.
An emergency towing does not necessarily entail being worried about your car. With Super Towing, Carson car owners have a sort of towing insurance that their vehicle is being taken care of, in any type of car emergency towing.

Keeping the Roads Safe

This amazing service is not a privilege, we believe, but a mandatory solution for every car owner. In order to feel completely safe and secure while on the road, drivers should be given a complete coverage for every towing requirement. At Super Towing, we offer our fellow drivers a great way of keeping safe, believing that the entire local community of Carson, which we are a long time part of, may benefit from having secure roads and roadsides.
Since we see to many cars every day, providing all of them with a swift and accurate problem solving service, we have been constantly upgrading and fine tuning our skills, to be able to resolve many different troublesome situations. Some of our fantastic services include:

  • An around the clock operation, offering complete availability
  • An expert team of certified car and towing specialists
  • Towing long distances when needed
  • Wrecker service
  • Flatbed towing
  • Flat tire replacements done safely and securely on site
  • Battery solutions such as cable jumpstarts and dead battery replacements
  • A lockout service complete with rekeying, key duplication and replacement solutions

Do not hesitate to call us for an affordable, professional and great service. Call our dispatch center at (424) 337 – 1330.